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LimeDot was official in 1999 and started based on the ideals its founders learned working in the creative world of advertising agencies. Websites, after all, are actually just very sophisticated ads. And ads are meant to influence people in a very particular and positive way.

We worked along side the country's best creative directors, graphic artists, copywriters, and programmers on projects for multi-million dollar clients. We witnessed how subtle changes in color, layout, and text have huge impact on the bottom line. Along the way, we also noticed a huge void in the web design industry. We set out to fill it, set goals, set sail - and LimeDot was born.

Customer Service
Other web design firms had a major disconnect in their customer service. The site designers were far removed from the client, and as such, client goals and needs were forced to trickle-down through several people. Our goal was to stay smaller, remove these barriers (and the added overhead that came with them), and put our clients in more direct contact with those responsible for building the site.

Additionally, many clients manage their websites outside of a normal 9-to-5 window. So we knew our availability would need to extend far beyond normal business hours. Today, our designers are on a first-name basis with almost all clients, and we routinely speak to them in the evening and on weekends. They even have our cell phones numbers. Check.

Custom Websites with Attention to Important Details
Too many firms would promise the moon and hand you a grapefuit. We realized that their concern was to "stamp out" as many websites as possible without any real consideration of usability and how the design would affect surfers. While on the surface, the "shiny new website" probably looked great to the client - in reality, it ended up a dud. It's likely the only money ever generated by the website was from the site owner to the design firm.

W e found many even reused "templates" from site-to-site, basically changing only the logo and textual content between them. Clearly, there was no consideration of identity, branding, or originallity. A website is an extension of your identity, and sending a clear message is key. Every organization is unique, and likewise each requires a custom website with its own style.

Thus, our goal was to build 100% custom websites, each design starting with careful consideration of the client's industry and competition. Then, each site would be carefully planned out to provide the most suitable and usable navigation for that particular wesbite, also injecting nearly sublimminal aspects that have a proven positive effect on surfers.

Today, we receive thanks from clients whose own clients repot: "Awesome website. I can't put my finger on it, but there is just something about it." Check.

Real-Life Experience is Priceless
The practices LimeDot now brings our clients were learned long ago in the 9-to-5 trenches. We watched as trial-and-error became error, and noted the ultimate solutions. LimeDot opened it's doors armed with these answers - and over time, found people with questions they needed addressed.

Since 1999, we’ve built countless websites for clients nationally and have learned from experience what works. This is where LimeDot truly shines. Our ability to innately let these themes drive the site design leaves you with a website that performs. It just doesn’t look pretty – it works. Check.

Mission Accomplished?
We're proud of our clients, and we're proud of our experience. But the web is an ever-changing place. It seems new technologies crop-up every day. As you've guessed, we've developed quite an aptitude for this stuff. Cutting edge? Let's just say we won't be left behind.

But at the end of the day, it's still all about people. The same fundemental things people have wanted in the past will continue to bring comfort to them in the future. The delivery may be different - but it's always a means to the same end. Yesterday, today, or tomorrow - people will always be most important.

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