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Daniel Ray

A native of New Jersey, Dan graduated from West Virginia University in 1996 with a BS in Advertising and received certificates in E-Commerce Solutions and Web Design from Georgia Tech in 2000. Dan worked for several ground-breaking creative ad agencies in Atlanta before co-founding LimeDot.

A native of Pennsylvania, Scott received his BS from Rutgers University as well as an AS in Business Administration. With over 12 years of IT and Project Management experience, Scott also serves as the Operations Manager for Synchronys Technologies and continues to provide the highest quality consulting services to LimeDot clients.

A University of Florida grad, Brent has owned an operated The Supply Store, an Atlanta specialty advertising and promotion firm (and LimeDot partner), for over 25 years. From T-shirts to pens, Brent's relationships with thousands of suppliers bring industry-low pricing and industry-topping customer service to LimeDot clients.

LimeDot maintains a roster of talented freelance, project-based, and intern staff partners, and can scale its size to accommodate any project. Our freelancers provide project-centric solutions - lowering overhead while delivering superior services.

DotGuy received his Masters degree from Yale, his law degree from Harvard, and his MBA from Wharton. He dropped the 8 to 6 grind and took the position of mascot for LimeDot. His name, round shape, and general greenness made him the perfect match. DotGuy can often be seen representing LimeDot at the bottom of client web pages.
website design price quote
Website Design & Project Price Quote
Get a fast and easy quote on your web projects through our simple form.
website design pricing
Understanding Pricing
You know how much milk and eggs cost because you have experience buying them. But what about websites?
website glossary
Website Glossary
An easy-to-understand glossary of terms and elements related to the web and websites.

myths and truths about websites

Myths and Truths About Websites
Did you know that some sites actually scare search engines away? And other sites can scare surfers away?
Atlanta website redesign and makeovers Website Redesign & Makeovers
Is your site feeling old and tired? Does it generate more laughs than business? A website redesign is just the ticket.
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We research the keywords, we build the ads, we manage everything - and you get targeted traffic for one monthly price.
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Even strong companies can have a weak understanding of web business.


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