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A website template is a generic, pre-designed webpage. It was made months ago when a graphic designer sat down and designed a single homepage look/concept for a generic business in some particular industry, ready for someone to "fill in the blanks". Then, it's put out on the web for mass-download, or sold cheaply as a "design" by some "web design" firms. These firms often don't warn you your new design is a template. Others play-up how easy it is to "pick-your-own" design and get online cheaply.

Website templates are very similar to the rotating displays at novelty stores. You've seen them - mini license plates with a variety of different first names.

The thought is that somebody who needs a website can just choose from a menu of designs they like. Once picked, an intern or upstart designer can just quickly fill in the blanks, populating the site with info about that business. You get a website for a suprisingly low price, and viola!

The Problem with Web Templates #1:
"Hey, that's my shirt!"

You're not the only widget-seller who chose that design. The two other local dentists, the builder, the baker, and the candlestick maker picked it as well - and you've all been stamped out from the same cookie cutter. So much for original identity and branding. A majority of the inexpensive "website design services" offered around the web - maybe even one you're considering - use just such methods.

The Problem with Web Templates #2: "Your Honor, I Represent Myself."
W ho, actually, is the expert here? When was the last time your doctor asked you what medication you'd like today? Or "Save a bundle when you pick your new home design from our book". They don't tell you you'll lose thousands moving your toilet from the closet to the bathroom.

There are several hundred-million websites out there (give or take a handful). No speculation- it's proof that people graze websites like cows do grass - you've got literally 6 seconds to capture their attention (and business). More people will visit your website than you think, and the web is a game of numbers.

A Fishing Net with Big Holes
You might sell to 350 of the 1000 people who walk through your actual business door - a solid 35% conversion rate. But online, selling to 50 out of 1000 visitors (5%) is considered good.

Supreme attention to every minute detail is what makes some websites flourish while others falter. Perhaps a single new customer is worth $100 to you. Landing 10 out of 1000 is worth $900 more than 1 out of 1000. Subtle influences in your website's design will dictate that. And when your site is seeing 1000 visitors a week? Selling to 9 more means season tickets - for all sports - in the skybox - and the parking passes to match. Let's hope ya' didn't skimp on the website design and miss 90% of the bounty you had right in your net.

Do you know what those subtleties are?
Well, you're not going to find any such attention if your site is stamped out from something that was designed before you even met your web designer. Simply put, custom from-scratch website design has a much higher conversion rate. Template sites are full of holes that allow the fish you land to fall right back into the sea. Splash!

LimeDot has been building custom websites since 1999. We've seen what works and what doesn't. Countless clients have found great success from sites we've custom-designed for them. This, and more, are automatic inclusions in your new, custom website design.

Heed Larry's warning above. Say no to templates - and call LimeDot today.

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